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The square is named after the founder of Riley Cycle and Riley Motors, one of the major game changers in the early motor car industry. The cycle store was initially based on the site where the Riley Square Shopping Centre now stands, and the founder was born in Bell Green. Like Riley Cars, we aim to be gamechangers for Bell Green and Coventry. At Riley Square Shopping Centre, we aim to be the heart of the community. What was once the hustle and bustle of Bell Green and Coventry will return to its former glory with the support of the neighbourhood. Last year Innovative Retail Development Ltd after a period of long negotiation made an agreement with Coventry City Council to take on a 150 year lease for the whole site.

Major improvement will start in the next six months for the initial works of a major renovation project, to include the removal of canopies, replacement public realm lighting, shopfronts and the general appearance of the area. Later phases will include some key demolition as the frontal area is dominated by the flats making the current entrances narrow and unwelcoming. The whole area will be made more open, modern and inviting to attract shoppers into the centre.

As aforementioned, community is important and so prior to signing the lease in 2019 we held two drop-in sessions to showcase the plans. Local people and traders welcomed the proposals and look forward to the next steps. Working closely alongside the Coventry City Council and Citizen, our stakeholder’s opinions matter to us, and local engagement is encouraged.

Read more on the development on our blog here.

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