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Image by Mike Kononov


The heart of retail is community, supporting local businesses and reinvesting money back to the people. We develop residential projects and retail sites, with new and creative ideas, not only restoring what once was but adding a new lease of life and developing the environment. IRDL offer a range of retail and building services within an Asset Management framework. Working with a strong team of industry professionals with a range of skills and significant experience, we can achieve prosperity for every site and translate shareholders visions into a reality.

Our innovative and fresh approaches to retail and residential development make us unique. With our high proficiency across all fields, we understand the relevancy of the stakeholder’s opinions and ensure that the balance between shareholders and stakeholders needs are met alike.

With our extensive knowledge we have presently enabled an agreement to work in partnership with both Coventry City Council and Citizen to jointly implement and deliver an innovative approach to the Riley Square Retail Centre improvements and the needs of the local communities. More information on our current projects can be found under our developments section, click here for more information

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